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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

These celebs have insured their body parts for millions!

You may love your legs or your shapely butt, but do you actually think they're worth over a million dollars?
These famous faces certainly do -- they've reportedly spent a bundle insuring various body parts. Because when you're in showbiz, your assets are everything! From Cristiano Ronaldo's legs to Lata Mangeshkar's voice, we bring you the lowdown on insured celebrity body parts!
Mallika Sherawat
 Up until recent years, it was only Hollywood stars who reached into their pockets to pay steep premiums that kept their assets financially covered. Of late, however, several Indian stars have jumped on the bandwagon.                                                                              
In fact, Mallika Sherawat declared in 2009 that she wanted to get her hot bod insured.  There was just one hitch -- producers who signed her on would have to pay the premium! While it is believed that the actress was approached by an international insurance organisation with a proposal to insure her for a whopping 50 crores, we don't know how things worked out for her. Any comments, Mallika?
Cristiano Ronaldo
 After acquiring the Portuguese footballer for a record $131 million in 2009, football club Real Madrid wanted to ensure his gams were well-protected and created a policy valued at -- hold your breath -- $144 million!                                                                              
 Yup, that's what they get to cash in if ever Cristiano suffers a serious injury to his thighs or calves. 

Mariah Carey
 If you think Cristiano is insured for a whopper, this one is going to mystify you for sure! Singer Mariah Carey seems to think her legs are far more valuable than any footballer's -- she's insured them for $1 billion! Yes, you read right, although why she didn't choose to insure her voice, given that it's her livelihood, is beyond us.
Vijender Singh
 After winning his Olympic bronze in 2008, boxer Vijender Singh stated his intention of getting his hands insured with Bajaj Allianz. "Boxing requires me to go in for insurance. This field is dangerous. After all, I need to protect my hands, as I have reached where I am because of them," Singh told the Financial Chronicle at the time. Too bad we don't know how much his punches are worth!

Kylie Minogue

 The petite pop princess' shapely rear has been a hot topic for years, so it's not surprising that she is rumoured to have insured it for a staggering 3 million pounds. If you had those curves and her money, you probably would too!

Daniel Craig

 The James Bond actor's bod was reportedly insured for 5 million pounds back in 2008, when he was shooting for Quantum of Solace. It is believed that Craig insisted on doing his own stunts and suffered several injuries, so producers decided to keep their star covered -- in a blanket of money!

Claudia Schiffer

  Her career is riding on her looks and hey, we all think German supermodel Claudia Schiffer's face is worth a million dollars. She, however, has it pegged at five million!

 We don't see her Indian counterparts following suit anytime soon!

John Abraham

 If you think Kylie was extravagant with her derriere deal, look closer to home! After Dostana catapulted his rear in tiny swimming trunks to fame in 2008, John Abraham decided to have it covered with a policy worth an alleged Rs 10 crore.       
While he never confirmed the actual amount, the actor did state that he had taken up the initiative. Wonder how much Bips thinks it's worth?
 If you've ever seen Rihanna performing in one of her teeny-tiny bodysuits, you'll know why razor giant Gillette bestowed her with their Venus Breeze 'Celebrity Legs Of A Goddess' title in 2007. And after she was signed on as their spokesperson, they went on to insure her gams for $1 million.

Bruce Springsteen

 Finally a singer who believes it's his singing that's worth something! Musician Bruce Springsteen has his husky voice covered for 3.5 million pounds with Lloyd's of London. 

Lata Mangeshkar
 The Nightingale of India has insured her voice too, for an undisclosed sum. No sweat for her insurance providers though -- at 81, she's still singing away and shows no signs of slowing down.

David Beckham
 It does make sense to protect your assets if they're your bread and butter. But what would you say if we told you footballer David Beckham's legs are insured at $35 million each? Not nearly as much as Ronaldo, but enough to have our eyes bulging at the thought anyway! 

Kim Kardashian

 The reality starlet has the most talked-about derriere since JLo. But while Lopez has categorically denied ever having insured hers, Kim stated in 2008 that she was looking into it. Did she go ahead with her plan? We don't know, but how much would you say that famous behind should be covered for?

Keith Richards

 You'd think that a musician would insure his hands, but Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has just the middle finger on his left hand covered for $1.6 million dollars.   The reason behind it, supposedly, is that he sticks it out to people so often, he was worried someone would break it off one day! Wonder if he gets anything for damage to the rest of his digits?

Minissha Lamba

 The petite Bollywood starlet has her pert bottom financially covered too. After scorching the big screen in a bikini for her movie Kidnap, it seems Ms Lamba went ahead and insured her favourite asset.

Michael Flatley

 He's not called Lord of the Dance for nothing! Irish-American dancer Flatley has his legs insured for a whopping 25 million pounds and if you've ever seen him in action, you'll know precisely why. 
Danielle Lloyd
 In 2008, the former Miss Britain and glamour model famously declared to the Daily Mail that "my figure is my fortune" and went on to insure her curves for 2 million pounds. Makes sense! 

 Did you know that you can be sued if you mimic Rajni? The superstar has had his voice insured and copyrighted, so no one can imitate him without his consent!

America Ferrera

 A smile worth $10 million! That's Ugly Bettyactress America Ferrera, whose pearly whites are worth so much. You have to admit, they're perfect! 

David Lee Roth
  If you thought Keith Richard's middle finger policy was weird, get this -- back in the day, rocker David Lee Roth had his sperm insured for a million dollars!                          That way, if any paternity suits were filed as a result of his rock 'n' roll lifestyle, he was covered! Wonder if the policy was ever used?

Heidi Klum

 Get this. Supermodel Heidi Klum's legs are insured for $1.2 million and $1 million each. Why the difference? Because she has a scar on one knee! That makes one leg worth a cool $200,000 more than the other! 

Sania Mirza
 Our tennis ace Sania Mirza is believed to have insured her arms for an undisclosed amount. We think she should have gotten a policy for those great legs of hers too! 
Brooke Shields
 The A-lister's tall stems are insured for an undisclosed amount, although various reports have hinted at around $1 million. Care to let us know the figure behind your figure, Brooke? 

Dolly Parton
 And finally, we have singer Dolly Parton, who had her breasts insured for $600,000. It may seem strange, but her 42-inch bustline have played a large role in her rise to fame!

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