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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rahul Gandhi Rape case : demands Government to launch a probe

Finally Hindu Unity responded to the legal notice sent by Rahul Gandhi . On it's website Chairman Mr.Rohit Vyasman issued a statement along with many other prominent members of Hindu Unity . It called for government investigation and protection to the alleged victim . We are reproducing the content below 


"We will not back down under any circumstances. A complete and an independent investigation on this rape case must be launched immediately and secure the rape victim and her mother from any assassination attempts by the Congress Government of India. We fear for their safety. This is an atrocity, a modern day tragedy of an innocent young lady and the retaliation to blindfold, hide and intimidate the Indian public by a ruling party that is naively revered by many as divine" - Rohit Vyasmaan, Chairman, H.U. 

"We think Sonia along with her Congress henchmen will do anything to silence the only voice capable of taking Rahul Gandhi down. I think they will try very hard to make sure that Sukanya Devi and her mother disappear for good. One thing is for sure, if they are found dead or missing we know who did it. It's that simple" - Sanjay Sharma.

Why did Sonia Gandhi refuse to meet the Rape Victim in New Delhi ?

Learn why Congress is trying to assassinate the rape victim!

Why was there no help from Human Rights Commision?

Where are the foreign nationals partying with Rahul on the rape night ?

Over 14500 emails received world wide in the last 2 days!

"I'm shocked at this story. I'm a long time supporter of the Congress Party and I'm saddened by this news" - R. Kanval, New Delhi

"Congress has failed us again. This time it has raped the daughter of Bharat and is trying to muffle the voices of truth" - Vinod Dave, Kenya 

"When we trust foreigners to rule India, this is what is expected. We went from British rule to Italians in power. I hope the truth comes out so that this dynasty which has destroyed the man hood of India can die in it own blood" 
- Ramanth Singh, Guyana 

", Kubh kubh ahbaar tamaro" - Arvind Vora, U.S.A.

This rape has sent shockwaves throught India and Congress is trying hard to silence any and all that know even the most little of the information. We can only hope that not many have already died in pre-meditated brutal deaths orchestrated by Congressi Henchmen" - Sheetal Patel, Mumbai

"The Jews have a long understanding and mutual respect for Hindus who live in Israel. We are deeply saddened by the news of this rape case. It is a travesty that a a high ranking politician in your country can get away with rape while trying to silence the public" - David Levine, Tel Aviv, Israel

No wonder your site got banned. You folks at not afraid to say it like it is. Jai Shri Ram! The fate of Hindus lies with a simple website located in the United States. I can't believe it.... Keep up the good work. Jai Shri Ram!. - Sunny Trivedi, CA

I can't understand how a little unorganized website in cyber space can get the Congress Party of India all up in arms. I guess you must be doing something right. I suppose you have Lord Krishna with you, the other side has more warriors. I know who will win. Jai Mahadev! - Nitin Shah, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Hindutva at it's best. Hindutva in action. Hindutva and it's results. I love you guys. You make me proud to be Hindu.... My children will thank you for your services offered to our nation. - Rita Chudasma, New Delhi, India. 

"Jai Hindu Rastra! Cheers to! The protectors of our Hindu Dharma and the destroyers of evil... Lord Shiva be with you all. "
- Praveen B., Toronto Canada

CONGRESS GOVT, THE RULING PARTING IN INDIA BANS HINDUUNITY.ORG BUT we are more popular than ever and with 40% more Internet Traffic Since Ban.


HinduUnity message board banned by ezBoard

ezBoard company which hosted message board has banned the forum permanently . HinduUuity message board accused Mr.Rahul Gandhi of raping a girl in Amethi last december . To this Rahul Gandhi lawyer has sent a notice to ezBoard last friday . EzBoard say "(hinduunity) has been locked down in accordance with ezboard's Terms of Use . Reason: Violations of ezboard's Term's of Use."

Though the allegations are not verified by anyone , however Hinduunity was challenged by many to come up with evidence . A source told that they were in in the process of airing interviews of few residents of Amethi tomorrow . The thread received over 80,000 hits in less than a month compared to other which covers events in "Balochistan " . "Balochistan thread received just over 40,000 hits over a year but it is so amazing that Rahul Gandhi's thread received twice the number of hits in few days " said a watcher . 

Members and leaders are upset over lock down as an administrator told us by email . They said " a new message board will be launched soon , and tomorrow we are releasing the video to the public" .

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  1. I am proud to be a Hindu and vow to annihilate anybody who harm hindus.