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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Nobody wants to comment on Rahul Gandhi on notice to Hinduunity

Why Nobody wants to comment on Rahul Gandhi on notice to Hinduunity

Nobody wants to comment on Rahul Gandhi 

New Delhi, Feb 4 (IANS) Even as Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has filed a legal suit against a US-based website over what is said to be a scurrilous campaign against him, leaders of the ruling party are refusing to comment on the issue. 

"It's too hot an issue to comment upon," said a senior Congress leader when asked about a cyber campaign against party president Sonia Gandhi's son ahead of crucial Uttar Pradesh polls, where Rahul is expected to be the party's star campaigner. 

Rahul's lawyer Abhishek Singhvi has sent a legal notice to two people - Rohit Vyassman and E Z Bode who are apparently behind the blog that makes unsubstantiated and disparaging charges against the Amethi MP and his activities in his constituency. 

"It is high time that civil society took note of this dirty campaign," Singhvi said. 

Congress leaders admit that such personal campaigns against Rahul had increased ever since media reports suggested that he would lead the Congress campaign in Uttar Pradesh. 

"It shows the desperation in our opposition camp," said a leader, who does not want to be identified. 

Although the news item has been on the US-based website -, which claims to be the official website of the Bajrang Dal - for sometime, the legal notice was sent only early this week. Singhvi said it took a week's investigation to come across the names supposed to be behind the blog. 

Incidentally, several websites - mostly foreign - have picked up the news item. Sources said the Gandhi family was furious at a "perverted and nasty" campaign against the 36-year-old bachelor MP. 

Although the campaign and the blogs had been brought to the notice of many senior Congress leaders, they were reluctant to respond to it earlier. 

"It is true that we came to know about it. But we did not want to take up the issue. You do not what goes wrong in the Congress party, especially when the issue is about the Gandhi family," admitted a party leader who requested that he be not identified. 

Added another: "No sensible Congress leader would make a comment nor would they take a pro-active role to counter it. One never knows when the issue could boomerang." 

Earlier, the US magazine Newsweek had to apologise after it claimed that Rahul Gandhi was not even a graduate and that he had never held a steady job in a multinational company as he claimed. Singhvi had sent a legal notice to the magazine challenging the report. 

A response posted at Hindu Unity forum by administrator to the above article 
"They dont want to comment on it is because the Congress Party knows what has happened. Rahul made a severe mistake, a blunder thinking that he was invincible because of his mother Sonia Maino. " 

"Congress party seniors do not want to talk about this issue but they all have been forewarned and foretold. After yesterday, there seems to be something going on between the Congress party members on this issue. Something is going on amongst them and this rape case is part of it. If this was just propaganda, their wouldn't be what appears to be some type of friction in the party. The Congress Party is really shook up and their's tension in the party according to one of our sources close to a certain politician. We are after the truth. Congress doesn't want truth to come out PERIOD. " 

"The Congress party is made up of snakes and criminals. I'm trying to find out a few things and will post later if I get to know something." 

DVD : Interview of Amethi residents in circulation 
We learned that a DVD is under circulation that shows interviews of Amethi residents . Though we didn't saw that , people who saw that said this ( the content is picked fromClick
"I just went through the video CD (DVD) delivered to me containing interviews with a few Amethi residents. All of them made the same charge: Sukanya, the daughter of the Congress worker Balram Singh and and Sumitra Devi was raped by Rahul Gandhi and his friends the night of December 3. None of them wanted their faces to be shown. The climate of fear is palpable. Several of them didn't want their names, but two identified themselves. " 

NAMES and content deleted . " I suppose these are the two persons now appealing to have their part removed from the video because they fear for their lives." 

"In the interviews, Salaman Kurshid comes out as the hatchet man and the key figure in the terror camaign and coverup." 

"So, it is important to highlight the coverup. Recall that during the Watergate scandal, it was the coverup more than the burglary itself that brought into focus the abuse of power and the obstruction of justice" 

Awarness campaign launched by Hindu Unity 

Awarness campaign booklet is circulated by Hindu Unity on this issue , which shows Pictures of Salman Kurshid ,Girija Vyas , Ambika Soni

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