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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facts abt the Nehru- Gandhi Parivar

As you all know has charged Mr.Rahul Gandhi of raping a girl by name Ms.Sukanya Devi last year December 3rd in Amethi guesthouse along with his foreign friends . To this Rahul has sent a legal notice to last week . IntelliBriefs learned from a source in Amethi that a senior citizen who helped the alleged rape Victim Ms.Sukanya was beaten by some goons and his life is under threat . Elder in his 70's is said to have taken the victim to delhi and tried to arrange press conferences and register with Human Rights commission and National commission for women . "He was severely beaten and his family was threatened with dire consequences" , the source said ,and was not allowed to leave the town . We will release the name of the person at appropriate time after taking consent of the persons family . Media focused much of its efforts on Rahul Gandhi's notice to website , at the same time they should have cross check the allegations made by the website by sending its journalists to Amethi . Though the girl in question Ms.Sukanya has not come out publicly , and is reportedly hiding out of fear as the website claims . The time has come to file a petition in court to produce the girl in question, as it is a serious allegation against Nehru dynasty . 

"It's too hot an issue to comment upon," said a senior Congress leader when asked about a cyber campaign against party president Sonia Gandhi's son ahead of crucial Uttar Pradesh polls, where Rahul is expected to be the party's star campaign ."It is true that we came to know about it. But we did not want to take up the issue. You do not what goes wrong in the Congress party, especially when the issue is about the Gandhi family," admitted a party leader who requested that he be not identified.Added another: "No sensible Congress leader would make a comment nor would they take a pro-active role to counter it. One never knows when the issue could boomerang." (IANS Feb 4,2006) . Many say this is an attempt by congress rivals to tarnish image of Rahul Gandhi in view of UP elections, this is premature to judge anything . 

To this HinduUnity has responded at its forum (posted by Trishul) by saying "They dont want to comment on it is because the Congress Party knows what has happened. Rahul made a severe mistake, a blunder thinking that he was invincible because of his mother Sonia Maino. Congress party seniors do not want to talk about this issue but they all have been forewarned and foretold. "
The Hinduunity also said that there is a friction in the party "there seems to be something going on between the Congress party members on this issue. Something is going on amongst them and this rape case is part of it. If this was just propaganda, their wouldn't be what appears to be some type of friction in the party. The Congress Party is really shook up and their's tension in the party according to one of our sources close to a certain politician. We are after the truth. "

Some people who watched a video interview of individuals in amethi said the climate of fear in amethi is palpable . This CD is which is under private circulation ,as per our information ,produced by a journalist . A person who is close to power circles in Delhi told in a private email after watching that "I just went through the video CD (DVD) delivered to me containing interviews with a few Amethi residents. All of them made the same charge: Sukanya, the daughter of the Congress worker Balram Singh and and Sumitra Devi was raped by Rahul Gandhi and his friends the night of December 3. None of them wanted their faces to be shown. The climate of fear is palpable. Several of them didn't want their names, but two identified themselves. "
NAMES and content deleted . " I suppose these are the two persons now appealing to have their part removed from the video because they fear for their lives." 
"In the interviews, Salaman Kurshid comes out as the hatchet man and the key figure in the terror camaign and coverup." 

The same email said an extensive coverup is taking place by abuse of power and it is "important to highlight the coverup. Recall that during the Watergate scandal, it was the coverup more than the burglary itself that brought into focus the abuse of power and the obstruction of justice"

With UP elections nearing ,Congress party should change their strategy , they should ask Rahul Gandhi to issue a public statement via media and ask the police to bring the girl in question to court and expose any conspiracy involved .

have yet to recover fully after reading the articles of Arvind Ghosh and N.S.Rajaram in about the history of the Nehru family. Every member of the Nehru family was a muslim. Thankfully none of them are alive today. Read on to learn about the history of the Nehru family and the BIGGEST COVER UP IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.The following is a list of the characters involved in this dirty drama. Everyone in the world knew the truth except the Hindus of India.

1.GHIASUDDIN GHASI - Literal meaning of name-Kafir Killer. Mughal noble man who was the city Kotwal of Delhi.Persian ancestry. The British issued a shoot-at-site order to finish off all mughal noblemen who could be potential claimants for the throne of Delhi. This ethnic cleansing was done by Sikh and Gorkha soldiers with an efficiency, which only they are capable of. This muslim escaped from Allahabad and left for Agra. On way he was stopped by the British and asked to identify himself. He gave his name as Ganga Dhar. Dhar is a Kashmiri brahmin surname. When asked to explain his Persian features he told them he was a Kashmiri Brahmin. The British believed him. If they had investigated him properly the history of India would have been totally different.

2. MOTI LAL NEHRU - Son of Ghiasuddin Ghasi. Hindu only by name. Was a muslim like his father. He picked up a Persian word 'nahr'(canal or nullah) and added the sound 'oo' to make it sound like a Kashmiri Brahmin name. That was how the name Nehru was born.He was a totally unsuccessful vakil's assistant(mukhtear) in the Allahabad court. In utter desparation he worked as a pimp at 77,Mirganj,Allahabad which was in a red light area. 

3. THUSSU - Innocent, poor brahmin girl from Kashmir.After the death of his first wife during delivery, Moti Lal went to Kashmir and married Thussu. He renamed her as Swarup Rani.This innocent girl was not aware of Moti Lal's evil designs.

4. MOBARAK ALI - Very successful and prosperous lawyer from Allahabad. Moti Lal befriended him in order to get a job under him. On bringing Swarup Rani to Allahabad he immediately gifted her to Mobarak Ali. Mobarak Ali kept her in his house Irshad Manzil for his pleasure. When she became pregnant, Mobarak Ali asked Moti Lal to take her back. Moti Lal requested Mobarak Ali to have the delivery at Irshad Manzil as he was living in a brothel. But Mobarak Ali refused.As per Sharia Laws even a @#%$ has a right of inheritance if he is born in his father's house.So Moti Lal took Swarup Rani to the brothel at 77, Mirganj where the child was born.

5. JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU - @#%$ child born to Swarup Rani and Mobarak Ali. The Nawab of Oudh on hearing that this muslim child was living in a brothel, took him to his palace. Jawahar Lal lived in this palace from age 1 to 10. It was here that his circumcision ceremony took place. He was taught Persian and Urdu by the Nawab of Oudh. He never knew a word of Sanskrit or Hindi. Went to Trinity College,England. Came back and started an unsuccessful lawyer's practice in Malabar hill, Mumbai. Arrested by Mumbai police for molesting a Parsi girl working in his office. Went on to become the first prime minister of India. Famous womaniser. He once had a keep who was a catholic nun. When she became pregnant,the catholic church stepped in and helped him out by sending the nun out of India. Ever since, the Catholic Church has grown in India with a speed that has not been mathched anywhere else in the world. They used to black mail Jawahar Lal and got what they wanted. Jawahar Lal died of syphillis.

6. INDIRA GANDHI - Daughter of Jawahar Lal and Kamala Kaul. Her real name was MAIMUNA BEGUM. She was a practicing muslim throughout her life. She was once invited to Mecca by the King of Saudi Arabia. Only muslims are allowed to enter the city of Mecca. Even the Saudis knew the truth but the Hindus were kept in the dark for obvious reasons. Our p-sec journalists worked overtime to push the news of the invitation under the carpet. Once she told one of her lovers M.O.Mathai, secretary to Nehru,"I will never marry a Hindu. I hate them. "This explains why she never took any action to save the lives of the Hindus in East Bengal. This also explains why she always surrounded herself with anti-Hindus.

7. FEROZE GANDHI - Contrary to popular belief, he was not a Parsi. He was the son of a muslim, Nawab Khan, who was the liquor supplier at Moti Lal's brothel. His mother was a Parsi who converted to Islam after marrying Nawab Khan. In later years converted to christianity due to influence of his daughter-in-law Sonia Maino. His real name was FEROZE KHAN.

8. RAJIV RATTAN BRIJESH ROBERTO NEHRU GANDHI - Rajiv Gandhi was born to Feroze Khan(Feroze Gandhi) and Maimuna Begum (Indira Gandhi).His circumcision ceremony was conducted secretly. He was a muslim until Sonia Maino converted him to christianity. He went to Cambridge for his studies at the expense of the Indian tax-payer. He spent his time reading porn books and running after girls. Did not pass a single exam in three years. Was asked to vacate the hostel. Lived in the Indian High Commissioner's residence for the remaining period of his stay in England. Picked up a low class Italian girl for a one night stand. But the girl had other ideas. He never got a degree from Cambridge. Was made a pilot(without any licence) in India to impress the low class Italian girl whom he was planning to marry.

9. SONIA MAINO - Low class Italian village girl from the village of Orbassano near Turin in northern Italy. Her ambition in life was to become an 'au pair' girl. In plain English it means 'part time servant maid'.She had a get-rich-quick mentality which was typical of low class Italians. Someone suggested to her that she could go to Oxford or Cambridge where rich boys from all over the world were congregating for their education and they were looking for good looking young girls. This girl chose to go to Cambridge. If she had gone to Oxford, the Indian public would have been spared a lot of trouble. She went to Cambridge under the pretext of picking up some English which would be useful for her job as an au pair girl. She was picked up one night by Rajiv Gandhi from a Greek pizza place in a back-alley of Cambridge. The rest is history. She owns a shop named Ganpati in her native village of Orbassano on Regina Margherita Street, which is run by her sister Marouchka. To a visitor it would look as if they are dealing in Indian made trinkets associated with Hindu gods, like small figurines of Ganpati and pictures of Krishna as a baby.But they were actually selling original antique idols of Hindu gods stolen from Indian museums and Hindu temples in India.They have reduced the scale of business after the Italian police started investigating them. Her present financial empire leads all the way to Pablo Escobar,the head of the Colombian drug cartel. She exports coffins to a company called Tribute Caskets in Kansas City. A senior executive of this company Virginia Cover de Rodrigues is a very close friend. This woman owns a bank account code named Svenska into which the Bofors kick back money was paid. This Virginia is also a close friend of Manuel Noriega of Nicaragua.The president of the Vatican Bank Archbishop Paul Marcinkus who was doing money laundering for Escobar suddenly disappeared with a lot of money. The police were looking for him all over the world. He was safely sitting in no.10,Janpath doing in-house catholic services for Sonia Maino.

10. SANJAY GANDHI - @#%$ child born to Maimuna Begum(Indira Gandhi) and Mohamad Yunus. Went to England like his brother for studies, funded by the Indian tax payer. His original name was Sanjiv Gandhi. When he was about to be caught by the British police for stealing a car,a fresh passport was issued by the govt. of India with a new name Sanjay Gandhi, to escape arrest. When he was a boy his mother disappeared alongwith him for a couple of days. The excuse given was that the boy had a speech defect and had to undergo a surgery. This was one more lie from the family of congenital liars. The truth was that circumcision was done for Sanjay Gandhi and Indira Gandhi underwent an abortion to avoid the birth of the child sired by M.O.Mathai. In his later years he came across some photos of Indira Gandhi with Dhirendra Brahmachari in some compromising positions. Used to blackmail and physically assault his mother. Could have been assasinated by the Russians on a request from Indira Gandhi herself. The Russians would have gladly done it as Sanjay Gandhi was pro-American. 

11. THE RANI OF ETAWAH - Dumb, stupid Hindu woman. On the death of her husband the Raja of Etawah, she found that she would have to part with her entire kingdom as she had no children. Asked Mobarak Ali and Motilal to fight her case. They asked her for Rs.500,000.00. This was a very, very big sum in those days. The Rani paid in full. They shared the amount between them and did not fight the case. The case was lost in the lower court. They then told the Rani that they would fight the case in the higher court. They took another 500,000.00.They split this amount also and did not fight the case.The case was lost in the higher court also. They then told the Rani that they would fight the case in the Privy Council in London. They demanded up and down plane fare, a fat fee for themselves and a fee for a British advocate to fight the case in London. The smart British advocate said that the Rani could get hold of an infant of the appropriate age and say to the entire world that she was pregnant at the time of the Raja's death. This idea worked and the Rani's kingdom was saved.This stupid Rani thought that Mobarak Ali and Motilal had saved her. She gave them a lot of money and gave Amethi,a part of her kingdom to Motilal. Ever since the members of the Nehru >family have been behaving as if Amethi is their private property. This was how Moti Lal bacme a very rich man. He bought Irshad Manzil from Mobarak Ali. Irshad Manzil in Persian means 'House of happiness'.Moti Lal changed the name to Ananda Bhavan which means 'House of happiness' in Sanskrit.Jawahar Lal was not born in this house as our pseudo secular historians would want us to believe.

12. MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI - So called Apostle of Truth. Aided and abetted in spreading the biggest lie in the history of mankind. 

On thinking about this whole issue, I think we Hindus alone are responsible for this situation. How could a small family of muslims and Christians fool so many Hindus for so long and still continue to do it? I am reminded of what Abraham Lincoln once said,"You can fool some people all the time or all the people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time". My sincere apologies to Arvind Ghosh, N.S.Rajaram and the people running for lifting almost everything from their articles. 


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