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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Even for Muslims, Modi is next Prime Minister

Whatever the so-called secular Congress leaders say one thing is clear that Narendra Modi’s popularity has transcended all the barriers of caste, creed and religion. He is no longer a Hindu leader as now even the Muslims have started talking about giving him a chance. The Muslim leaders now are not mincing words in accepting that the Congress has used Modi’s name to traumatize Muslims.

Latest in the line is the oldest plaintiff in Babri Masjid case Hashim Ansari, 85, who said in Ayodhya that the Congress was creating a fear of Gujarat Chief Minister by saying that if he becomes the Prime Minister, Muslims will have to face the consequences. This statement emphasises the new thought process that is emerging among the Muslims.

The Muslims listened to him when he said, “Muslims have supported Congress from the last 50 years but the party has gifted them communal riots. If Modi wants to become the Prime Minister, he needs support of Muslims and we should give him that.”

"Muslims in Gujarat are happy and wealthy," he said.

"Congress is creating fear of Modi by saying that if he becomes the prime minister their will be consequences for the community," he said.

Muslims have supported Congress for over 50 years, but the party in return gifted the community a series of communal riots, he said.

He also attacked the Muslim ministers in the Samajwadi party-led UP government and called them "powerless".

"Muslim ministers in the SP government are speechless and don't have any position in the party," he said.

The SP government is following the path of Congress, which has "suppressed Muslims through riots", Hashim alleged.

"Over 100 riots have taken place since the SP government took over the reigns of UP. The party is following the path the Congress, which suppressed Muslims by orchestrating riots," he said.

Ansari is not alone who spoke his heart about negative Congress politics which revolved around creating a religious divide on secular and communal lines. Only a month and a-half back Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind general secretary Mehmood Madani had said that the Congress was raising fears about Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi only to secure support of Muslims.

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