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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nobody can stop Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister.

Mumbai : The elections of 2014 will definitely see a change in power and Shri. Narendra Modi is going to be the Prime Minister of India. Nobody can stop him from this. The above frank opinion was given by Dr. Subramanian Swamy at ‘Mumbai Patrakar Sangh’ on 23rd September. Dr. Swamy was the Chief Guest of the program held for release of book titled ‘Wake up or Perish’ authored by Shri. Madhu Devalekar. The book published by ‘Hindu Voice’, was released by senior journalist, ‘Padmashri’ Muzaffar Husain when P. Deivamuthu, the Editor of ‘Hindu Voice’ magazine, Advocate Ashish Shelar, the Regional President of BJP for Mumbai were also present.
Dr. Swamy said,
1. The culture of this country is Hindu and it should be protected; the seats of honour of this culture should be protected. It has been proved that Sriram Mandir was there beneath Babri Mosque. A mosque where Prophet Mohammad read ‘namaz’ at Mecca, was demolished by the Government to construct palace because mosque is a simple ground for reading ‘namaz’ which can be created anywhere; but so is not the case with temples. The idols of Deities are installed by performing rituals and every day, ‘puja’ is performed at such place. A temple has to be, therefore, constructed at Babri mosque and big mosque can be built for Muslims elsewhere.
2. Indian Muslims should become part of global development and should not object to India maintaining friendly ties with Israel. Such friendship is made for the welfare of the country and Muslims need to first become nationalists. Common civil law and ‘one-wife’ rule should be implemented in this country.
3. Muslims were not ready to live with Hindus in this country; therefore, they demanded partition and Pakistan and Bangla Desh, two independent nations were created. Now, Muslims from those countries are infiltrating and living in India; therefore, population of Muslims has grown. Thus, if Muslims from Bangla Desh are ready to live with Hindus, Bangla Desh should be merged with India or India should take over land of Bangla Desh through military action. If that happens, it will be easy to take care of those people in that land.
4. Conspiracy is hatched to destroy history of this country. The culture of this country cannot be protected without nationalism. It is therefore, time to wake up, with a kick, all those who are pretending to be sleeping.

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